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Technology Overview

PSC's technology makes it easy to measure full field strain in just about anything: something small, such as a testing coupon or a weld, or something large, such as a large storage tank or a bridge. While applications and products will vary, the core technology involves four simple steps:




Apply dots to the surface of the object you want to observe. Use a stamp, marker, or other tool useful for creating visible marks. The pattern of the dots is typically an approximate grid.  



A mechanical force, or other physical stimulus, causes the object to deform and therefore the dots on its surface to move.


Dot Tracking

PSC’s digital camera views the dots and PSC’s software tracks their movement. Using multiple cameras enables dot tracking in three dimensions.


Strain measurement

PSC’s software measures the dots' movement during the object’s deformation. It then calculates the strain at every point in the object (everywhere the cameras can see). The graphical user interface displays contour plots of the measured strains.  Different colors represent different amounts of strain. The relevant data can be stored for post-processing or integration with data analysis or health monitoring tools.



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